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"It seems like your planner is the perfect way of getting some control on your life. I find that when you feel like you ‘losing it’, it helps to take a step back, breathe, read durood, istighfaar and remind yourself that by tackling one task at a time you will get through them all inshaallah, with the help of Allah. I really enjoy reading your blog Alhamdulillah. Jazakalla for the inspiration."
"MashaAllah, great article, I really enjoyed reading it, as I too am homeschooling a large family, AlhamdulliAllah. It is great to read about how you cope as I can relate and you have some excellent ideas as well."
"It's as if you went into my heart and wrote this article for me. You articulated in great detail how I feel but find very hard to implement. Thank you for sharing this! May you be rewarded abundantly for spreading all that is good and true."
Nazrana H
"SubhanAllah!!!! Superlike…. u won't believe sister for the past two months even I realized the same thing. And have already done a few points mentioned by u."
Samreen K
"I attended a 2-day course about the Power of Intention and how before you do anything at all if your intention is for God, then you will receive all the tangible and intangible rewards you could think of in Dunya and the Janna enshAllah. I'm so happy I came across your post cause it reminded me of what I'm actually learning and applying in everything in my life. Thank you a lot and God bless,"
"I would just like to say Jazak Allah Khair and may Allah swt bless you all for your intentions and efforts! I have read many fantastic articles from yourself and InshaAllah there’ll be many more to read! Ameen."
Umm Rumaisa
"Assalam Alaykoum, I’ve just discovered your blog and I really love it. Please keep posting so amazing ideas and advises 🙂 A reader from Paris!"
"Thank you for this really informative post. It is one of the best that I have read about this important subject. We’re a Christian family in Africa. Our values and faith are reflected in our homeschool, as yours are in your homeschool, according to your beautiful writing.  Thank you again. (and I hope it is okay for me to comment and share across the usual barriers.) Kind regards and respectfully."
"Beautifully put together. Told my class the story of Isra wal Miraj using your site and they understood it very well. May Allah (SWT) reward you for all the effort you put in this. Ameen. It helped so much."
"I just discovered you today and fell in love with your articles and attitude about life and children most importantly!"
Actually I am a student but, as a student I loved it (Mi'raj book). It's actually a big help to mothers even to the children. THANKS ! THANKS ! THANKS! TO MUSLIMMOMMY.COM
"I personally came across ur website accidentally and after going thru the site I recommended this to many of my friends. Just get along with the good work May Allah give u the strength jazak Allah khair."
"A beautiful post, Masha’Allah. So many things which we can forget, JazakAllah khair for posting."
"Assalamu alaykum. I came across your site and love it mashallah I must say this is such a comprehensive and ‘not-beating-around-the-bush’ summary on this subject. I needed to read this at this point in my life. JazakAllah khair for taking the time to write such a lengthy post yet each point was extremely beneficial. I must say you’re truly inspirational as most homeschooling blogs I’ve come across have been from non-Muslim ladies and even though I have drawn inspiration from them I appreciate reading a successful Muslim homeschooler mashallah."
"I am not often inspired by “ways to keep little kids busy” activities–one reason being, I have all boys and they seem to deviate quickly from what would be considered “on task”! But, I have got to say that the after-Halloween sale on fireman and policeman, etc costumes is a fabulous idea and one I had never thought of. Masha allah, sister, you are inspiring. May Allah grant you the greatest success in teaching your blessings!"
Um Enis
"Assalamualaikum just came across your site...very nice and well made website mashallah."
"How beautifully said, I can relate to this & I’m sure many other mommies."
Fatima B
"Assalamoalikum ..masha Allah sister u have very nice blog..I really enjoyed reading an article on how to tell kids about Muharram. I was really impressed that masha Allah u are mom of 6 children and really very active and productive muslimah at the same time ..I always wonder how come active ladies manage their timings ?! Jazak Allah u khair for such a beautiful blog."
"Mabrook to Muslimommy for writing such insightful and beneficial posts. May Allah reward you!"
Mehded Maryam Sinclair
"Jazakillahu khayran for writing this. Mashallah the points you make are so relevant and clear and I think very insightful."
"As salaamu alaikum Sis, I love your website, it so cute and helpful. I truly believe in loving up my kids. I hug and kiss them everyday, I ask them about their day. I get it all in return also, which is so rewarding. Thank you for your blog."
"Jazakh Allah Khair for your words of wisdom. I am mom to 3 boys 5 & under and I can completely relate. I feel the same way and feel so alone sometimes. You’re right – there is nothing wrong with knowing your limits and asking for help. A happy mom = equals happy kids = happy husband = a happy home!
"Love these tips and will be trying them with my kids, inshaAllah!"
"MashaAllah!!! Well said! May Allah reward you for thinking this all through, getting the Islamic references, and organizing the steps..."
"Thank you or taking the time from your busy busy life to help us less experienced mothers. I have 4 young children and can identify with everything. JazakAllah Khair!"
"JZK Zakkiya! I love your blog! I think my daughter would love this. I am subscribing to your Emails! InshAllah I can't wait to receive email updates on various mommy topics! Since I live in the peninsula I don’t know any other new mommies so this will be a great outlet for me."
"I just subscribed and would love to get the planner! This is truly a fantastic idea!! MashAllah may Allah reward you for sharing and for all that you do for your children, ameen!
"Zakkiya… Thank you so much for sharing. For the past 4+ years, my hubby & I have been teaching our 3 kids madressa at home & even though we have our own system I find this material very helpful… May The Almighty reward you abundantly for your contributions…Lots of love."
"Assalam alaykum. JazakIllah khairan for this awesome resource. I just signed up for your emails."
"Mashallah amazing Zakkiya love how you making it so easy and playable very impressive!!!"
"Salaams. Thank you. I think my daughter would love this. I am going to subscribe to emails."
"I love following your blogs, makes me feel that I’m not alone in this crazy world. Thanks for sharing with us other moms experiences and tips. You doing an amazing job Zakkiya, keep it up!"
"I just completed printing out two planners, Alhumdullilah! Insha’Allah will get them bound tomorrow at our local office supply store. Thank you so much for coming up with the idea, sharing it, and then providing such detailed instructions on putting one together ourselves. May Allah bless you and your family and loved ones!"
Farah A.
"I've never seen your site it's awesome mashaAllah."
"Bismillah. As Salamu ‘Alaykum, I love your blog masha’Allah, you have some great ideas. Keep up the fantastic work. I would love to meet you one day!"
Umm Fatima
"Jazakumallah khair, very helpful indeed. May Allah reward you with the best in this life and the next, ameen."
"Jazakillah khair Muslimommy for your time and effort in collecting and writing this beautiful work. May Allah reward you tremendously, ease your burden, keep your heart planted firmly on this deen, and let you die not except as a Muslim."
"Beautiful Post, and I do like the makeover too 😀 Salaams and Love from South Africa…"