Get Organized Ramadan Planner 2015

GO Ramadan Planner Cover

Sales for the 2015 Ramadan Planner is now closed. Thank you for your support.

*The winners of the 2015 Ramadan Planner is Sister Aisha and Sister Nooralain! Congratulations and thank you for sharing such helpful tips!*

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16 thoughts on “Get Organized Ramadan Planner 2015

  1. Faaiza.O

    This looks awesome, mashaAllah. Loving the look of your new site too. I also have some fast trackers, specifically for Missed Fasts and making them up. Check out my post if you get a chance in shaa Allah.

  2. Aisha sallah

    Salam aleikum, I want to participate to win the planner inshaAllah.
    My tip is ‘ get ready with everything possible before ramadan starts , as if you plan holidays or a pregnancy: when there will be no big chores to do, little housework, and have your eid clothing ready for the whole family. Save and Freeze Food at every meal in shaaban , do big quantities of finger foods to freeze. All that preparation should involve the children, to make it an exciting period of the year! ‘

    1. ZakkiyaZakkiya Post author

      Thank you! Sorry it is an instant digital download and not a published planner. Hope that suits you better InshAllah.

  3. noorulain

    Assalamalikum,i love your ramdhan planner ,its a wonderful job ur doing may allah accept you.aameen

  4. noorulain

    Asalamalikum. I too would like to participate in shaa allah to win the planner.
    my tip is ,plan a full week meal ideas,and a list of things one would like for sehari and iftar stocked in the fridge,its fast and easy when the list and ideas are ready.once kids are of to school ,or you feel still fresh after fajar prep them.
    try to minimise the list of foods for iftar ,dinner and suhoor,as eg. Like in a one dish full meal ,or casserol ideas. Add dates ,fresh fruits,salads for iftar,and one dish full meal for dinner.and suhoor.
    in shaa allah hope it gives more time for family to make ibadah and duas together .

  5. noorulain

    jazakallah so excited so are my kids.may alllah be happy and pleaased with your efforts and grant youll his fazal .aameen