My Ramadan Days Charts for Kids

Ramadan Days PrintableRamadan is almost here inshAllah, and I’m adding my Ramadan booklets once again for your children, before it begins. This one includes charts for kids during their Ramadan days. My Ramadan Days Book is a coloring activity which includes a fun balloon theme and chart system for:

  • My Ramadan Days – a chart for your children to color a balloon after completing a day of fasting. For children who are too young too fast, they do not need to feel bad, as they can color a balloon to show a Ramadan day has passed.
  • My Ramadan Salah – a chart for your children to color a balloon for each salah that they perform in Ramadan. There are five balloons to color at the end of each day.
  • My Ramadan Good Deeds – a chart for kids to color a balloon for any good deeds they perform during Ramadan.
  • My Ramadan Quran Recitation – a chart for kids to color a balloon each day that they recite the Quran.
  • Certificate of Completion – a page to fill out at the end of Ramadan, to show your children their Ramadan achievements, which you can reward as you see fit.

The purpose of these charts is to motivate your children and help them to practice more spirituality in Ramadan. The balloon theme adds a fun element to color, and is conveniently made to fit on one page for the entire month, and for each child. The download includes 6 printable pages. Print more as you need.

Enjoy a Muslimommy exclusive, “My Ramadan Days”. It is a 6-page chart system for children, and available especially for Muslimommy subscribers as a free printable download.

**Sorry this download is not available at this time of the year. Thank you!**

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