Ramadan Letters of Thank You

Ramadan Letters of Thank YouThis Ramadan download is one of the special ones! It is ready-to-use Ramadan letters of thank you, that are meant to be given out to those who help us so much, or for those who need to hear a thank you from us. It teaches children to remember and thank those who help keep our world in order, and those who we need to help us grow and flourish.

The Ramadan Letters of Thank You printable is a 17-page color download, that is ready to hand-out after signing it with your name. There are also two semi-filled letters for any other persons that you wish to thank and were not mentioned. There is a letter for:

  • Your neighbors with a Hadith
  • Your neighbors without a Hadith
  • Your mail carrier
  • Your garbage collector
  • Your recycling collector
  • Your librarian
  • Your Muslim teacher
  • Your others teachers
  • Your imam
  • Your masjid caretaker
  • Your police station officers
  • Your fire station firefighters
  • Your doctors, nurses and staff
  • Your dentists, hygienists and staff
  • A semi-filled letter template for any other person you wish to thank
  • A semi-filled letter template for any other Muslim person you wish to thank

So let’s teach our children to thank those in our community who we take for granted, and show them that having good manners and etiquette is to follow in the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (saw). Ramadan is the month all about giving and sacrifice, and what a better time to start these habits in our children for life inshAllah!

 The Ramadan Letters of Thank You is a special benefit just for Muslimommy subscribers.

**Sorry this download is not available at this time of the year. Thank you!**

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    AA Sister Zakkiyah
    Q Jazaki ALLAH Khair
    How can I add more than one doc to my cart then download instead of doing it individually
    JazkiALLAH Khair
    S. Mimi

    1. ZakkiyaZakkiya Post author

      WAS sister, waiyakum. You will need to add each item to your cart, and do not checkout till all items are in your cart. For example, add one download to your cart – do not checkout, click the free downloads tab on top to go back to the downloads page, click the post of the next download you want, add it to cart and repeat until you have all items in your cart and then checkout once. Hope this helps sis!