Teach Your Child Embroidery

Teach Your Children Simple Embroidery

My girls were interested in a new hobby and I thought of teaching them embroidery but did’nt not know where to begin. I had remembered a few embroidery tips from my school days, but they wanted to learn how to make different kinds of stitches with expertise. I find that it is more effective to put on a YouTube video tutorial for them and let them learn the steps by someone who excels in what they do, instead of mommy trying to remember her old ways which may cause frustration to them or I.

Alhamdulillah I found these quick and easy beginner embroidery videos on YouTube by, ‘Shiny Happy World’ (you can find much more on her YouTube channel – she’s really good), which explains how to tie a knot and then a few nice introductory stitches.

If you don’t know much about embroidery – it is simply to decorate a piece of cloth by sewing patterns with thread on it. You can decorate pillowcases, book bags or doll clothing for example, anything that is light and not too thick to handle. It beautifies a plain item and can be used to personalize any of your children’s things.

You Will Need:
  • An embroidery hoop
  • Some thin fabric or pillowcase to practice
  • Embroidery thread
  • An embroidery needle

Once your children practice and learn how to do these stitches, they can draw any kind of picture or pattern on their fabric with a fine, light marker, and then use the stitches they know to follow along the lines of their drawing to make a nice design! I  usually start off with a simple design such as daisies and my child’s initials. Try it with your children inshAllah, as it is great idea for when they are feeling bored on rainy days, or if they would like to start a new hobby.

Beginner Embroidery Video: How To Tie A knot

How To Embroider a Running Stitch (a basic stitch)

How To Embroider a Backstitch

How to Embroider a Chain Stitch

How To Embroider a Daisy

You can search for more embroidery stitches from Shiny Happy World Youtube channel HERE! A big thanks to the vlogger for sharing!

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8 thoughts on “Teach Your Child Embroidery

  1. Shoohada

    Awww this is amazing! Reading this article has bought back many memories of stitches which i myself forgot. My mother taught me these stitches when I was younger. ☺️

  2. Samreen

    Awesome…. SubhanAllah dear Sis… embroidery is fading away in kids now a days. Earlier girls would learn all this out of interest too. But today these ipads and iphones have really ruined everything. It brought back memories of my school days. My daughter is 4 but InShaAllah I will encourage her this. A big JazakAllah Khair for sharing the videos .They really are very simplified. Keep sharing more hobby ideas for girls.. PLEASEEEEE……

    1. Sister ZakkiyaSister Zakkiya Post author

      Waiyakum sister. Sure I will, I plan to publish a post soon on knitting InshAllah. I so agree, I like my children to learn to do things with their hands too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.