Mom Support

Do you feel exhausted, overworked and unappreciated? Are you finding motherhood to be more challenging than enjoyable? Does it seem like there are not enough hours in your day to accomplish everything? Do you feel like you don’t know who you are any more or what you enjoy doing? Are you feeling like a slave to your home and family and guilty that you want some time for yourself?

You Need Some Motherhood Mentoring!


Do you feel overwhelmed, unorganized or are you drowning in a sea of information of do’s and don’ts about homeschool? Are you finding the idea of homeschooling challenging, and you don’t know where to begin or what to do next? Does it feel like there are not enough hours in your day to accomplish everything and that your kids are not learning enough? Are you confused whether to homeschool your children or send them to school?

You Need Some Homeschool Mentoring!


Do you feel like your home is disheveled and always untidy? Does the clutter all around your home make you feel stressed and overburdened? Does it seem like your cleaning never gets done, and your home is constantly messy? Are organizational methods not your strong suit?

You Need Some Organizing and Declutter Mentoring


What is Muslimommy Mentoring?

It is a one-on-one communication session with Sister Zakkiya in the comfort of your home at your chosen date and time. Your comfort and discretion are of the utmost importance, and you do not need to share any details about yourself. You have the opportunity to share your difficulties or insecurities, and I will share my advice from over 15 years of parenting experience, over seven years of homeschool experience, and over 17 years of organizing experience.

My educational background is a BA with majors in Psychology, Sociology and Information Science. I also hold a Diploma in Interior Decorating and currently study courses on various Islamic topics. Together we will brainstorm ideas, as I walk you through effective coping strategies from an Islamic perspective and a supportive sisterhood.

You don’t need to suffer alone and in silence dear mom! Book a mentoring session, and see the difference when you receive help from someone who has “been there and done that” before. I have been told by former clients that they were left feeling relieved and more enthusiastic to tackle their challenges with a positive attitude after their session Alhumdulillah!

Read the Testimonials from happy clients!

“I chose sister Zakkiya for her knowledge and experience. She has addressed many of my concerns about homeschooling with success. I loved the support, and I was very grateful to Allah to have her help in my life.” Umm Zayaan, mom of 3, teacher and educator

“Sister Zakkiya has a very kind, articulate and understanding demeanor. I’m sure many mothers will benefit greatly from her mentoring service, insha’Allah. I think the cost is very reasonable, too!”
– Grandma Jeddah, California, Author, Blogger and Mom of 11

“I was utterly confused if homeschooling was right for my family and my life. I had heard so many arguments for it and against it. Sister Zakkiya gave me her unbiased views about the pros and cons of homeschooling. After discussing it as a family, we decided to keep it on hold for now when we could manage and commit. Her advice saved us so much trial and error.”  Maryam, UK, working mom of 2 active boys and a little girl 

“Sister Zakkiya has been a pillar of strength in my times of need when parenting became too challenging. Her sound advice, knowledge, experience and unconditional support are what got me through the rough waters.”
– Nazrana, Toronto, Canada, Mom of 3

“I did not think about things in the way Sr Zakkiya made me see it. It changed my mindset about how I thought dealing my children was supposed to be. I left her session feeling like I could do this!” – Sarah, New Mexico, mom of 4

“Even if you know everything that is being told to you, it always helps to get things into perspective. That is what sister Zakkiya did for me and helped me when I felt that no one else understood. Alhamdulilah, it helped to have someone listen without judgment, understand that I’m not crazy, and assist in all areas I needed help in. JazakAllahu Khairan for your help sister Zakkiya, I would recommend it to everyone!” – Zahira, Qatar, mom of 3

My Motherhood Speciality Services

  • How to find time for yourself as a mom
  • How to develop habits and structures with your home and kids
  • How to develop habits and structure with yourself 
  • How to stop yelling and being irritable with your kids
  • How to enjoy your children and not think of them as a burden
  • How to keep up in a fast-paced world of technology and stress
  • What does Islam promote in parenthood
  • How to feel like a woman as well as a mom
  • How to find time to be yourself again with hobbies and dreams

Please Note: I do not specialize in marital problems, behavioral problems, and special needs


My Homeschool Speciality Services

  • The pros and cons of homeschooling
  • How is a mom supposed to teach so many subjects?
  • Homeschooling multiple kids
  • How to homeschool younger kids
  • How to teach your children to teach themselves
  • The pros and cons of virtual schools
  • Discussing curriculum choices
  • How to teach a child to read and spell
  • What about Islamic education?
  • How to implement Islamic education in your homeschool
  • What can I expect from homeschooling my kids
  • How to deal with the prejudices of homeschool
  • How to take time for myself as a homeschool mom

Please Note: I do not specialize in homeschooling middle school, high school or discuss government homeschool laws or public school experience.


My Organizing Speciality Services

  • How to declutter any room
  • How to make use of small spaces
  • How to get over hoarding
  • How to live well with less stuff
  • How to organize your kitchen, cupboards, fridge, etc.
  • How to organize your child’s room, toys, closet, etc.
  • How to set up a private area for yourself and your things
  • And much more organizational and cluttering tips!

So go ahead and take the next step to find relief in your troubles. Get the support you need and book your session today!